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VERICOM - VISCO là nhà phân phối độc quyền VERICOM tại thị trường Việt Nam và Myanmar


Link VIDEO: https://fb.watch/bE8S5YEjAF/

  • VERICOM - VISCO is Vericom's sole distributor in Vietnam and Myanmar market.

 Vericom Global Solutions is a leading provider of network infrastructure and connectivity solutions for enterprise, government, and operator markets.

_ Vericom’s in a family with Vivanco.

_ Over 4,000 Employees Worldwide.

_ Distribution In More Than 30 Countries.

VISCO is a pioneering technology company, deploying Low Voltage Electrical System for urban and smart city planning with 28 years of experience. The company's goal is to provide smart urban information infrastructure solutions, smart urban technical infrastructure and Smart Community solution.

Solutions :

     • Structured Cabling solutions:

Vericom offers the end-to-end integrated solutions in intelligent building industry from server room to desk outlet or campus wide network with the complete range of fiber, copper, smart home, 5G, IoT, racks and cabinet solutions.

     • Data Center Infrastructure:

We offer a full range of products and solutions designed for the Data Center Infrastructure markets, including Modular Data Centers, Container Data Centers and our pioneering new product, the Micro Data Center.

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