• Zoom Video Communications

    VISCO Is Now A Zoom Certified Integrator


    Zoom Video Communications is one of the premier solutions in the market is Zoom, a communication software that combines mobile collaboration, chat features, webinars, video and audio conferencing, online meetings,… during the Covid-19 period.

    Many classes and schools are using online teaching tools because students are unable to attend school during this epidemic season.

    • With Zoom, businesses are able to create meeting environments with:

    - Wireless content sharing

    - Video and audio conferencing

    - Integrated calendaring

    • Meeting environments that offer these three key features are referred to as Zoom Rooms.

    - Zoom Rooms are ideal for any business.

    - They allow for face-to-face meetings by creating video-enabled collaboration spaces.

    - Furthermore, it is possible for businesses and organizations to hold product demonstrations and presentations without being in the same room.

    • Working with accredited Zoom certified integrators like Visco has several benefits.

    - One of which is the quality of work you’ll receive.

    - Certified Zoom Room installers have the technical know-how and proper equipment to develop successful Zoom Rooms.

    - Before being a Zoom certified integrator, our unified communications (UC) and networking team underwent intensive technical training of Zoom’s infrastructure and solutions.

    • This level of training coupled with more than two decades of AV experience allows Visco to provide the best possible Zoom Room service.
    • We will be there with you from the planning stage to deployment. We’ll also resolve any technical issues you encounter in the process.