• Audio-Visual

    Ever had the feeling your voice was just not loud enough? Or had the feeling that the back row could not see you? Well, look no further to VISCO’s audio-visual solution with technologies from brands such as Harman and Extron. These products and our professional installation and maintenance service will provide you with the perfect audio-visual solution whether it be for a rocking concert or a prestigious conference.

    With Extron’s control panels and software, you will be able to operate a hassle-free room booking system, control audio-visual (AV) equipment in any environment, regulate all lighting systems under a centralized device and more.

    These AV systems use a flexible and well-established programming language, Python, in order to provide easy implementation and long-term AV system viability. The open systems are easy to learn and will resiliently grow with your needs.

    You will have their attention, all you need to do is speak.