• Online Virtual Classroom

    VIRTUAL CLASSROOM - Professional Online Virtual Classroom, Online teaching tool for many classes and schools when students are unable to attend school due to the COVID-19.

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    The value the solution brings to you:

    • Break out of the Classroom – A powerful experience not only for participants, adapting to new realities of learning.
    • Easy to participate in a flowing/ natural conversation and that conversation is involves many different people, and these are all the characteristics of an interaction that we would expect only from a Face to Face experience.
    • Interactive blackboards polling statistical software and many other digital tools.
    • Participants enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge multi-camera production.

    Why choose us:

    • We 27 years of experience in implementing Low Voltage Electrical System, Audio Visual & ICT solution, Immersive Digital Solution.
    • Hardware features that are fully integrated and easily compatible with software.
    • VISCO Is Now A Zoom Certified Integrator
    • Professional and high-quality online image quality.
    • Reduce technical noise.
    • The camera automatically records and identifies the meeting's speaker.