• High End Anti-theft (Concealed) System

    2.4m Concealed Door or Wall System

    Superior, invisible Sensormatic protection for wide store exits.

    The 2.4m Concealed Detection System delivers superior, yet discrete, AM EAS protection for wide exits to maximize customer flow and optimize merchandising floor space. This system

    secures exit widths up to 2.4m (7ft 10in) with a detection height up 1.8m (6ft), and delivers an audible alert to notify store associates if protected merchandise passes through the detection zone. The receiver antennas mount to the door in a self-adhesive cable channel or inside

    the wall of the doorway. The transmitter cable is installed under the floor for highdetection

    performance at lower operating costs.

  • Mid End (Pedestal)

    Sensormatic Synergy 2.5 Self-Contained Pedestal

    Delivering next-generation store performance.

    The Sensormatic Synergy 2.5 Self-Contained Pedestal provides superior Sensormatic AM EAS anti-theft protection with up to 2.5m (8.2ft) of coverage between pedestals. The on-board electronics are mounted in the primary pedestal, eliminating the need for an external controller. The integrated audio and visual alarms notify store personnel if protected merchandise passes through the detection zone. The multiple audio and visual alarms can be customized for different event types, mapping the audio and ambient lighting options to reflect the source of the alert such as foil-lined bags and jammer devices.