• Detection system

    Detection system

    Tyco provides retail customers around the world with Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions that are built around the most effective anti-shoplifting technology available in the marketplace. With the highest detection rate in the industry, acousto magnetic (AM) systems allow for wide exit coverage, reliable deactivation, and virtually no false alarms.

    Detection systems use one or more pedestals or a concealed system configured to create a surveillance zone at exits or checkout lanes. Pedestals can provide visible deterrence while concealed systems offer more discreet protection for upscale retail environments

  • Detachers & Tags

    Detachers & Tags

    Securing merchandise while enhancing the shopping experience is key to controlling shrink and increasing sales. Tyco offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive assortments of EAS tags - for easy application in store or at the source. From our trusted Super Tags and magnetic tags to alarming and ink tags, our solutions work for virtually any application or budget. Our Sensormatic wrap products give retailers confidence to openly merchandise high value products, maximizing sales for these items. Tyco also offers a variety of manual and powered detachers, delivering retailers a range of solutions for point-of-sale transaction areas

  • Merchandise Security System

    Merchandise Security System

    Premium security & merchandising solutions that are proven with the world’s largest consumer electronic brands.

    Our merchandise security solution is designed for smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics, offering unmatched security that integrates into any fixture. Device is engineered to last in the most demanding retail environments, providing the best consumer shopping experience possible to drive additional sales, while durability and security operate efficiently in the background.

    Our partner is MTI, a global leader in mobile device display technologies for over 38 years.