• 3D System & 3D Glasses -Volfoni

    Volfoni SmartCrystal Cinema Neo - Compact, easy & powerful

    • Universal mounting bracket for simple installations
    • In 2D mode, panel is safe from dust and impact
    • Symmetrical mounting and convenient “boothless” set-up
    • High quality 3D images for all seating positions
    • Developed and optimized for High Frame Rate content (full comfort HFR)
    • Best-in-its-class light effi ciency (18%) with projectors up to 7kW
    • Designed and engineered in Europe

  • 3D System & 3D Glasses - Depth Q

    DepthQ Standard for 3D Digital Cinema

    • Bright
    • World's Smallest Dark Time
    • Advanced Heat Protection
    • Hollywood Approved by Six Major Studios
    • Highest Quality Parts & Manufacturing
    • Future-Proof
    • Over 2,500 Installations Worldwide